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400w Food Chopper – Red

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Quad Stainless steel chopping blade


The Revel Nutri food chopper is a multifunctional chopper that is a great addition to any kitchen. Designed for everyday use this chopper is easy to use and handle making it perfect for mixing, blending, mincing, chopping and pureeing to any consistency ranging from slightly chopped, finely chopped or completely pureed. The chopper can easily save you time in preparing meats, fruits and vegetables as well as chopping nuts and seeds. The chopper is ideal for chopping up onions, tomatoes, garlic, ginger and chilli and preparing the ingredients for p?t?s, hummus, sauces and chutney?s. This chopper is designed with the motor unit that sits on top of the chopping bowl and with its quad blade this little chopper will be able to whisk and mix in the same bowl. Whisk fresh cream, whip up milkshakes, stir up cold beverage or just crush ice with ease in its 500ml capacity bowl. Use and care please read all the instructions and safety advice before use. Open the bowl unit by removing the cover with a twist action to unlock and place the quad blade into position. When filling the bowl always follow the maximum capacity markings on the side and then replace the cover. Now place the motor unit on top of the bowl, the motor unit has a safety switch to prevent the motor unit activating without it being placed on the bowl unit. Press down on the unit and press the button to activate, a slight pressure will mean the chopper runs at the low speed and depressed completely will run at the high speed. With the clear bowl the consistency of the chopping can be viewed at all times. Once ready, remove the motor unit and remove the cover of the bowl as before. Remove the blade carefully and the contents of the bowl can be removed with any spoon or spatula. The chopper bowl, cover and blade can be cleaned by hand, however all the removable parts of the chopper are dishwasher safe on the upper rack.



Weight 1.066 kg
Dimensions 12.3 × 12.3 × 26.4 cm


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